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August 11, 2011
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Oh, think twice…
There’s another day for you and me in paradise…

Hi there, this is a quick artwork to mark my comeback after a whole long year without digital painting. The text above was from the lyric of Phil Collins’ “Another day in paradise” – the song that inspired me to create this artwork.

I used to listen to this song by chance during my childhood. I didn’t understand the lyric and for me the melody was way so cool. Until I learned English, I was kind of shocked to realize how sad the content of the song was…

The original version of the song by Phil Collins, with its “cool” melody, is really bitter in terms of the story told in the lyric, while the David Archuleta version in American Idol 7 raises a different feeling, which is more emotional in my opinion. This results in my messed-up color schemes, which has turned out dark and hellish rather than something like “paradise”.

And because of the new-born “hell” of the picture, I name it “Cerberus”.
The first reason is that I have no idea what name can be used for the “thing(s)” I’ve painted.
Secondly, as many people have known, Cerberus is the protector of hell in terms of its role. And for me, it doesn’t have to be a hound.

This may be my last painting before I go to work and start the life of a real adult. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for all supports! :hug:
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Thank you for sharing this one with us Dan. Now that you have graduated, you may still enjoy painting as a stress reliever. :hug:s and all of my best wishes as you begin your new career.
Thank you sooo much Keith. I just wish I had more time to produce a truly detailed full-body artworks like those of mine in the past. But time just doesn't wait. I hope all the best things come to you too :hug:.
I also really love your avatar! :)
Thanks. It's taken from my previous artwork [link]
Oh! I love the butterfly's and faces in her hair.
this is great i love how you've got the other two faces are positioned and the hair is all over the place.
Thank you very much for your comment and :+fav: :) !
you're very much welcome!
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